Birdsall's Auto Works LLC

Vehicle Restoration and Protection Specialist Binghamton, NY

Vehicle Restoration and Protection Specialist Binghamton, NY

We offers a wide array of services

To Protect Your Vehicle

We have a Paint Protection Film to shield your car from those pesky stone chips and bug etchings.

Our Ceramic Coating will give you long-lasting protection against scratches and everyday wear and tear.
We also offer Window Tinting to keep your car cool in the summer and help reduce glare.

No matter what you need, Birdsall’s Auto Works LLC is here to help!

For a custom look, we can even do the custom painting!

Great Investment

Your vehicle is one of the most important purchases you will make in life, so it’s logical that every detail matters. The Ceramic Pro ceramic coating was designed to protect AND increase its value! This glass-like nano-coating has been Approved by CARFAX as being ONLY valid for use on vehicles with this certification – meaning no other company can offer what we do here at Birdsall’s Auto Works!

Uv Protection

UV rays can fade and damage your paint over time, but not if you have the right protection! At Birdsall’s Auto Works we offer a variety of Ceramic Pro packages to keep that from happening. Chemically bonded for ultimate durability- these coatings are tough enough so even if it rains or snows in winter – no worries there will be some good times ahead thanks to us!


The highways are dirty and dangerous, but not for long! Your car will be like new with this quick cleaning solution. A little rain can do wonders on those stubborn dirt particles that tend to accumulate during driving days; it’s time you gave your vehicle the good old-fashioned bath it deserves so take advantage of our special offer today by contacting us right away before everyone else does too!”

9H Hardness

Ceramic Pro coatings are 9H hardness, meaning they are extremely scratch resistant. This is important because it protects your vehicle’s paint from everyday wear and tears. Birdsall’s Auto Works offers a variety of Ceramic Pro packages to protect your vehicle. The highest grade ceramic coating on the market! Anti-High gloss + Hydrophobic + Anti-static + Scratch resistant = Highest grade Ceramic Coating on the market!

Ceramic IR Window Tint

KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Film

KAVACA CERAMIC IR is the ultimate Automotive Window Tint. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, Ceramic Pro has infused a proprietary formulation of nano-ceramic coating technology with an IR layer to deliver excellent Heat Rejection, Glare Control, and UV protection that is metal-free, supporting signal clarity for all types of electronic devices. KAVACA IR blocks up to 99%+ of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays and filters 96% of infrared heat.

KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint carries a lifetime guarantee!

Carbon Window Tint

Carbon Window Tint

KAVACA Carbon window tint offers vehicle owners more bang for their window tint dollars. Carbon Window Tint is infused with non-metallic nano-carbon technology. Carbon window tint blocks up to 99% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays and produces crystal clear visibility. KAVACA Carbon Window Tint filters 70% of infrared heat.

KAVACA Carbon Window Tint carries a lifetime guarantee!

Best Detailing, Window Tint, & Paint Protection in Binghamton

I grew up in an Auto Body Shop owned by my father. Despite many highly skilled feats being learned, one issue always remained…PAINT PROTECTION. Stone chips, bug etchings, scratches, you name it. All of these are a constant revolving issue within the automotive world. This is ultimately what lead me to the creation of Birdsall’s Auto Works. We not only continue to repair and refinish vehicles in the highest quality Body Shop around, we now PROTECT them! Offering a wide array of services like Ceramic Coatings, Paint Protection Films PPF, and Detailing. We even offer custom services such as Window Tinting and custom painting!

Offering the highest quality

Detailing, Paint Correction, Window Tint, and Paint Protection Film in Athens, Sayre, Waverly, Towanda, Wysox, Milan, Ulster, East Smithfield, Ridgebury, Nichols, Endicott, Owego, Vestal, Ithaca, Binghamton, Elmira, Elmira Heights, Horseheads, Corning, Big Flatts, Lowman, Lockwood, Appalachian, and the rest of the Twin Tiers!

Industry Leaders

Industry-leading Ceramic Coatings, Window Tint, and Paint Protection Film. Powered by Ceramic Pro and KAVACA.

Years of experience. A full staff of Certified Ceramic Coating, Window Tint, and Paint Protection Film installers. Bringing the highest level of protection imaginable!

Offering the highest quality Paint Corrections, Ceramic Coating, Window tinting, and Paint Protection Film PPF in the Twin Tiers.

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What Our Customers Say

Brian Schlosser
Brian Schlosser
Great experience with Birdsall Auto Works. They are very professional and personable. Easy to work with in terms of scheduling. I have used several services with Birdsall and they do some of the best work around. I will continue to use them for all of my cars. Thanks for taking care of my cars!
Dana Stephens
Dana Stephens
I had my car detailed today!! It looks and smells like a brand new vehicle. (Traverse/2017) My daughter has had it at college for the last month or so, it was definitely used and I am grateful for the work Birdsall Auto put in. They brought my car back to its former beautiful. Having one of their Club Membership, I never have to worry. (My Club is every 2 months) I recommend to everyone that loves thier vehicle as much as me….definitely look into their Club Mememerships!! You won’t be disappointed!! 5 Star Service! Thank you Tyler and your team!!
Cody Park
Cody Park
High quality at affordable prices! Our explorer looks new again and the tint looks amazing! We will absolutely be back!!
Victoria Perry
Victoria Perry
They always go above and beyond to make sure my vehicle looks amazing. They’ve even helped me out in a state of emergency to get my car in for a quick shampoo to avoid stained seats after a spill. The quality & hospitality that I receive every time is always unmatched.
Patrick Steck
Patrick Steck
We took our brand new explorer to have it ceramic coated and it looks better than it did at the dealer, these guys are top notch, do fantastic work, and are easy to do business with and very knowledgeable and informative of the products and processes they use! thanks guys!
jonathon lane
jonathon lane
ALWAYS the best quality and care at Birdsall Auto Works!! This is the only paint shop around i trust with my vehicles i’ve had 4 vehicles so far painted by them from color matching mirors, grille, bumpers to whole panels, bedsides, hoods and removal of two tone to one solid color. They can match original paint so well or offer a whole new paint job top to bottom! Only place in the valley i can fully trust. My truck is currently there for a whole paint job and always excited to get it back!! I have some before and after pics


Highly Skilled and Expert Professionals

We are a group of highly trained and experienced specialists who have been working in the sector for many years. We understand exactly what your vehicle requires and how to look after it. We're devoted to automobiles, as well as Detail-oriented, so we can deliver the finest quality results possible.

Use the Latest Tools and Equipment

We use only the highest quality products and materials to ensure that your vehicle is protected and looks its best.

Offers Packages

We offer a variety of Ceramic Pro packages to suit your needs and budget.

Birdsall's Auto Works is an authorized Ceramic Pro installer.

Ceramic Pro is the only CARFAX-approved ceramic coating!

Contact us for more information

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding our services. We are delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Birdsall’s Auto Works LLC is a full-service auto detailing and ceramic coating business located in Athens, Pennsylvania, USA. We provide a diverse range of services, from simple washes to complete detailing packages. We also offer ceramic coating treatments to preserve the appearance of your automobile’s paint.

Call us today at 570-423-9369

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